The Idea

At this point in the evolution of technology, smartphones and iPhones are ubiquitous on the Middlebury Campus. On their laptops or mobile devices, MiddKids browse the web daily if not hourly. It is astonishing that our access to everyday information about what is happening on campus at any given time is so fragmented given the incredible tools at our disposal.

Attempts to create a convenient, one-stop-shop for the most commonly searched bits of information have been caught up in the politics of student government. Some attempts have been of questionable value and are met by fierce student skepticism.

I built Farmstand not to compete with these other services, but to try to provide a simple solution in the time between now and when Middlebury College resolves to put a unified effort towards the production of better internet tools.

Like any software or website, I would like to continually iterate and evolve Farmstand. I welcome your input and advice and I hope to make Farmstand into the best tool it can be given my limited development time. If you would like to contribute, please let me know!

I hope you enjoy Farmstand.

Best Regards,

Thomas N. Beatty Jr.

Nate Beatty